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Here you will find information on projects I have completed myself and useful links to the many sites that will help you decide what you want to do with your Arduino. As most components can be used over and over again, why not start by simply following some of the examples given. You’ll learn a lot from doing that!

All information relating to projects on this web site are offered to students by the author as FREE open source material, on the understanding that it is not modified and claimed by others as their work.

Alphabetical Listing:

4x4 Robot Car - how to make an autonomous 4-wheeled robot car - Jun’2015.
BalanceBot - make a self-balancing robot, which you can steer using a Wii Nunchuk controller over Wi-Fi - Sep’2017.
BallBot - make a self-balancing robot that actually balances on a ball - Jun’2019.
Biped Droid - a two legged walking robot that’s controlled with a Wii nunchuk. With custom apps to create the moves - Jun’2020.
Christmas Novelty - make a musical novelty to brighten up your Christmas and control it from your armchair - Oct’2016.
Cube 8x8 - is an LED light cube, built from five 8x8 panels, employing WS2812B programmable RGB LEDs - May’2021.
DrawBot - make a small robot which can draw shapes and write text on paper, controlled from an IR remote control - May’2017.
Fake TV - using an ESP8266 micro to simulate a bedroom TV, a low power solution to fooling burglars into thinking someone is at home - Apr’2020.
Halloween - make a musical novelty to add something spooky to your Halloween activities - Oct’2017.
Hexapod - make a Bluetooth controlled autonomous 6 legged robot - Oct’2016..
HexBot2 - an advanced 6 legged robot, controlled via Wi-Fi from a Wii Nunchuk controller - Updated Aug’2021.
Line Tracker - a simple to make line tracking robot, with programmable features like automated sensor calibration - Mar’2020..
Magical Sword - a sword with multi-coloured LEDs in its blade, responds to movement using accelerometers - Jun’2016.
Matrix - RGB LED matrix editor and play engine, lets you build exciting visual displays - New Nov’2021
NANO Circuits - .make circuits using copper foil tape on card, and connect them to a NANO with a Terminal Adapte - Aug’2017
Quadruped - an infra-red controlled critter robot which can really move, and sense with ultrasonic eyes - Jul’2018.
Quadruped Auto - an autonomous quadruped with a rotating laser ranging head - Dec’2018.
Quadruped LTOF - an autonomous quadruped, with 2.4GHz Wii Nunchuk wireless control - Nov’2018.
Quadruped RC - take control of a quadruped robot with a Wii Nunchuk controller and 2.4GHz wireless link - Aug’2018.
Reach Robot - a robot arm which can move objects around a simple workspace - Mar’2017.
Reach Robot Mk1 - an updated version using an ESP32 micro, plus Move Trainer app. - Mar’2021.
RoboDog - a 4 legged robot, using an ESP8266 micro, controlled via a Wii Nunchuk over a 2.4GHz link - Nov’2020.
Robot Hand - how to make a moving human sized hand, using 5 servo motors and a 3-D printer - Mar’2017.
Sumo Robot - how to make an autonomous  mini class sumo robot, using an ESP32 micro - Mar’2021
TalkBot - how to make a talking head named Ed, which can reproduce audio files from a micro SD card - Oct’2018.
TankBot - a tracked chassis with rocket launchers, controlled from a Bluetooth app - TBC.
Target Tracking Robot - make a robot which uses sound waves to detect the presence of an approaching object and then engage it - Dec’2015.
Ultrasonic Sonar - ever wondered how car reversing sensors worked?... well you can make one of your own.
Useless Machine - a wooden box which interacts with children - Mar’2017.
Wii Wireless Transceiver - a new version into which you can plug-in different Nunchuk controllers - Mar’2019.
Wii WEMOS D1 Transceiver - a unit based on ESP-NOW Wi-Fi technology, for use with ESP8266 and ESP32 projects - Mar’2021


Coming soon!... I plan to include information on the following projects shortly:

8x8 Light Cube - demonstrates psychedelic light patterns using WS2812 RGB LEDs.

Need more?
If you feel that I haven’t included enough information to allow you to tackle a project then send me an email explaining what you need. Or if you just want to give me some general feedback on this site, or to suggest projects that I could include which would be interesting to you, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

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