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I’ve allocated this page to the provision of documents and web links that you will hopefully find useful.


Where To Buy? web links:
Sites that I’ve found useful and you may too. I’ll check the links now and again to ensure they are still valid. A list of international sites can be found here.

Useful sites are listed alphabetically. Always compare goods and services before spending your money.:

4tronix - parts for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Crumbles.
All About Circuits - electrical engineering community site with lots to share.
Amazon UK - just type ‘Arduino’ into the search field.
Cool Components - a good selection of parts for building robots.
Digitalmeans - parts for Arduino and PICAXE.

ebay UK - quite competitive on price, with many parts sourced from China.
Makesify - parts for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Crumbles.
Mallison-electrical - parts for Arduino and BBC Microbit.
Maplin - they might not be the cheapest, but if you live near a store it can come in very handy.
ModMyPi - parts for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beagles.
Proto-Pic - parts for Arduino, BBC Microbit and Raspberry Pi.
RobotShop - parts for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and PICAXE.
RS Components - useful for those components that are difficult to buy on-line, with local stores too.


DISCLAIMER - as sites can be hacked and loaded with inappropriate content or hyper-links, the author bears no responsibility for the validity of the web links included on this site. They are offered in good faith, as working on the day they were included.


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