This site is for students interested in STEM subjects. Particularly those wanting to learn more about coding and simple electronic projects, for which I use the Arduino and ESP series of micro controllers.


What are Arduinos? you might well ask...  they are small circuit boards that enable you to do great projects, like ‘Robots’ and ‘Games’ and even ‘Fashion Accessories’. Based on open source hardware they are very affordable, easy to acquire and well supported with lots and lots of free stuff on the internet, including the resources on this site. Check out the official Arduino site here.

More advanced projects use ESP8266 and ESP32 micros, which have built in WiFi and significantly more memory space for your code. The great thing is that they all use the same C++ code, created within the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE).

Over the coming months I’ll add projects and resources to this site, which will give you advice on how to use Arduinos and ideas for making all sorts of exciting stuff. I’ll also include links to some of the best sites I’ve found for Arduino projects and buying kit.

Projects... like a 4x4 autonomous car, steered by ultrasonic sensors, are things that I make as demonstrators for use in schools. The great thing about Arduino projects is that they are easy to do, have fun with and then you can strip them down and use the parts for something else if you want. Making them really low cost and great for STEM Clubs and educationalists.

Check out my Projects page for a full list of the projects I’ve included on this site. Each page describes the project in outline, and included all of the design files needed to make the project. My earlier examples were design in 2-D using PowerPoint and made using hardboard, whilst the later ones use parts produced on a 3-D printer.

Updates!... projects are posted as I complete them, so every couple of months or less. Check the Projects page for the latest entries and call back from time to time to gain more information.

DISCLAIMER - as sites can be hacked and loaded with inappropriate content or hyper-links, the author bears no responsibility for the validity of the web links included on this site. They are offered in good faith, as working on the day they were included.

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Page updated: 13/03/2021

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